Fall Photos at Magic Kingdom

This year, I really wanted to spend a lot of time soaking up the fall decorations and enjoying the Halloween parties at Magic Kingdom, but I also knew that it was important for me to continue doing photo sessions to keep practicing with some of the new equipment I’ve gotten lately and to keep my content fresh and build engagement with my work.

Thus, I began offering free fall sessions at Magic Kingdom, and it has been such a blast! On average, I’ve been doing about a dozen sessions a week, so I’m a little behind on updating this blog. While I work on catching up, here is a post with some of my favorite shots at the best locations around Magic Kingdom.

Typically, I follow a route that either starts or ends at the front of the park.

Front of Main Street

Right next to City Hall, there is a lovely little seasonal backdrop. Snow White comes out here during the day, but in my evening shoots, it is usually empty and perfect for photos!



Fall Photos

Fall at Magic Kingdom

Just be warned that if you do try to take some photos here during the day, you never know when you might be joined by a princess!


Since the train is currently parked in the station while the tracks are closed for construction, I like to include train photos when time allows.

Fall Mini Session

During one Halloween party night shoot, we went up to the train station just to see the view and lucked out that the stage show fireworks were just shooting off in the background!

Free fall photos at night

Although it can be challenging to get shots in the front section of Main Street without having to fight crowds or deal with harsh sunlight, every so often the timing works out and we can get nice shots up there, especially during morning sessions when the crowds are low and the sun is just rising.


Mischief Made Halloween shirt

It’s also cool to take photos when the charming vintage vehicles are out.

Main Street Storefronts and Alley

Halloween dress

One of the Emporium windows currently has an adorable display where you can “try on” a Mickey ear hat. Of course, if you’re already wearing ears, it can become an “ear-ception” situation.


The Confectionery has beautiful blue trim that serves as a nice contrast to the orange decorations, so I try to get photos there sometimes.


And when it’s not too crowded, I also try to get a cute lollipop shot at the Confectionery. I initially geared this shot more toward kids, but I’ve found it’s actually a lot of fun to do with couples and even just individuals!

Magic Kingdom Fall Photos

Fall photos


Further down Main Street, there are still more lovely seasonal window displays that have enchanted some of the kiddos in my shoots.



There is a darling alley off of Main Street that can be a mixed bag in terms of lighting and crowds. Sometimes it is completely deserted and has enchanting lighting, and other times it’s too crowded or too dark or too bright. But when the stars align, magic can happen.



Fall Photos at Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom Fall Photos

Fall photos

Castle Hub

Occasionally when it is cloudy or super close to sunset or sunrise, it works out to get shots that include the castle and the Mickey pumpkins. Although it is easier said than done, since most of the pumpkins are at a sideways angle when you try to take a photo with the castle in the back.

If that doesn’t work, usually we can find a lone Mickey pumpkin to take photos in front of.

Fall at Magic Kingdom

Fall Photos at Magic Kingdom

Fall at Magic Kingdom

Liberty Square

My go-to spot in Liberty Square is the lovely rustic lampposts that are adorned with beautiful fall decorations.

Fall at Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom Fall

Fall photos

Sanderson Sisters

Magic Kingdom Family Photos

Another favorite spot when it’s not in direct sunlight is the big wreath on the ticket building in Liberty Square.


Fall at Magic Kingdom

On one day, I photographed someone who wanted some liberty-themed shots. She even brought an American flag scarf, and we had so much fun getting some different shots with the Liberty Bell and Liberty Tree Tavern!



Since doing these shoots, I noticed a cauldron in Liberty Square, which has been great for creating fun edits for people who are in costume.

Enchanted Edit


Cauldron edit

But Liberty Square also has a lot of wonderful spots that don’t scream “Disney” for backgrounds that are more subtle.

Sanderson Sisters

Halloween Photos at Magic Kingdom

Hitchhiking Ghost

This worked out great when looking for a cityscape background that resembled Gotham for a shoot with Oswald Cobblepot (aka the Penguin)!

Darker edits

We got lucky with that shoot when a Cast Member let us into the empty Liberty Tree Tavern to take some photos in there!

Gotham Edits

Dark Edits

Other Spots

Of course, sometimes we have reason to stray from the usual itinerary. For example, how could I not spend time at Haunted Mansion with this dapper Hitchhiking Ghost?!

Hitchhiking Ghost

Hitchhiking Ghost

Plus, I’ll never say no to taking photos by Pirates of the Caribbean, so that happened too!

Fall at Magic Kingdom

Fall at Magic Kingdom

And although the Purple Wall over in Tomorrowland has nothing to do with Halloween, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a Halloween edit of it!

Purple Wall

When I came up with the idea to do these sessions, I honestly expected maybe 5 people to sign up in total over the 13 days I was offering these. It’s been so cool to see the enthusiasm that people have shown, and I was surprised when I ended up becoming fully booked for all of the session dates I offered! Although I’m currently a little bogged down with editing, I wouldn’t trade these magical fall moments for anything!

More blog posts are coming soon on many of these shoots. In the meantime, make sure to like my Facebook page, Ellie Anne Images and follow along on my Instagram, @ellieanneimages–I’ve been posting a lot of behind the scenes of my editing process on my IG story lately!

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