2019 Disney Halloween Party with CJ

Last month, my sister and I attended our first Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party of the season. (For the uninitiated, Disney World rolls out their fall season when we’re all still covered in a thick layer of mid-August sweat and sunscreen!)

It was a last-minute decision, and although we didn’t have time to make any costumes, we did manage to pull together a Pooh Bear Disneybound for CJ. Naturally, I wanted to get some nice shots of her, especially because it was the last night of her staying with me for the summer.

We began at the train station. I always love going up there for a moment of peace and quiet and to observe the park from above before joining the mob of people crowding down Main Street.

Caroline Halloween Party-1

Caroline Halloween Party-3

A lot of photographers tend to fit into the “dark and moody” or “light and airy” categories, and although I enjoy experimenting with both and my shoots increasingly are tending toward the latter, I still prefer being in a whole different category of “bright and colorful.” Enter the carousel.

Caroline Halloween Party-12

Caroline Halloween Party-13

We played around with some of the scenery in the alley off Main Street, although my verdict is that the lighting at that time of day didn’t work out. (I’ve since gone back in the morning and created some dreamy images!)

Caroline Halloween Party-26

But when it comes to lighting, nothing beat Liberty Square. We found some nice spots in the shade, but the real magic was when we got some classic golden hour shots with the sun adding a beautiful glowing backlight.

Caroline Halloween Party-42

Caroline Halloween Party-43

Caroline Halloween Party-34

Caroline Halloween Party-36

Caroline Halloween Party-40

Back at the castle hub, we wanted just a few more pictures with the Mickey pumpkins, and then we tied it all together with a castle shot.

Caroline Halloween Party-48

Caroline Halloween Party-55

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Before contacting me to book your session, check my free fall photo event page to see if there are any slots left!

To view the rest of the photos in this set, please visit my Flickr album.

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