2019 Disney Resort Day

Earlier this year, I got to spend time with some of my girlfriends at Disney’s Polynesian and Grand Floridian Resorts. My most recent camera was still pretty new, and although I’d shot pictures at these resorts before, I was excited to try my hand with some better equipment.

To be perfectly honest, we were shooting at the wrong time of day to get shots that I was totally in love with, but since photos weren’t our main reason for getting together, I still had a great time and managed to edit a few photos that I’m fairly happy with. And I always love taking photos of my beautiful friends, regardless of the setting!

After our breakfast at Polynesian, we took a few photos in the lobby. Since this day, I’ve gotten a new flash, and I think that would really work well for this setting. We took a few photos with no flash and a few just using my camera’s flash, but now I’m excited to go back once again and try taking pictures in this difficult-to-photograph lobby with my lovely new flash!




After the lobby, we walked outside and found a little walkway in the shade to take some photos.


Then we walked on to Grand Floridian. Along the way, we stopped next to a hibiscus bush to get photos of GF in the background. I think these were really fun, and I’d love to come back at a different time of day to get better lighting in this area.

Polynesian Walkway

Our final stop was just outside the empty Citricos restaurant in Grand Floridian. We found some big windows and took a few photos there too.

Grand Floridian

Grand Floridian

Grand Floridian

Grand Floridian

And then of course we had to stop and look at the pretty soap in the Basin shop on our way out!


I had a lovely time with my girlfriends, and I’m excited to have found more photo locations to try out when I’m shooting in softer lighting near sunset.

To view the rest of the photos in this set, please visit my Flickr album. To book me for a photo session, please contact me for details.


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