2019 Olivia’s Senior Shoot Around the World (Showcase)

Living in Orlando, I’ve met so many wonderful people with a mutual interest in Disney, and I’ve often had the opportunity to photograph some of them in the most magical place on earth. Recently, Tamara and her family vacationed at Disney and I had the chance to capture some of their moments in the parks. (Tamara is a travel agent and books Disney vacations as well as all other travel. Make sure to give her a shout for all of your travel needs!)

After a family shoot at Magic Kingdom, we moved on to Epcot the following day. Our ambitious goal was to take photos at each of the 11 countries around the World Showcase. Due to the timing, lighting, and the weather conditions on that day, some countries yielded better photos than others, but we nonetheless had a wonderful time as Olivia and her parents wandered with me from country to country.


Surprisingly, my favorite photo from Canada was with the phone booth in the background–there were too many people near the UK phone booths, but this one felt like a fun travel photo.

01 Canada-12

Other backdrops in Canada included the beautiful sweeping gardens, the bridge by the waterfall, the totem pole, and the hotel.

01 Canada-17

United Kingdom

Although we didn’t get any iconic phone booth shots here, we incorporated the gardens, hedges, and quaint shops into our images.

02 UK-2

02 UK-6


We got a shot with the Eiffel Tower in the distance before our first wardrobe change. (We actually kept the orange shirt for Morocco pictures and then looped back to France after Olivia changed outfits.)

03 France-1

We were lucky enough to find a flowerbed that perfectly matched Olivia.

03 France-10


This has always been one of my favorite locations in Epcot, and I loved how Olivia’s orange shirt popped against the blues and browns of the environment here.

04 Morocco-3

04 Morocco-14

04 Morocco-15


Of all the countries, Japan felt the easiest, not only because of how photogenic it is, but also because of the lack of people in the spots that we took photos. Thanks to the staircase leading up to the restaurants and the walkway around the upper level of that same building, we got several vantage points with absolutely nobody else around.

05 Japan-3

05 Japan-8

05 Japan-18


The American pavilion has never really caught my fancy, but we still found some nice spots for a few photos.

06 USA-1

06 USA-7


This country is so full of photogenic spots. Coming in from the America side, there are so many beautiful flowers that make for great backdrops.

07 Italy-12

07 Italy-17

Further into the pavilion, the architecture adds a charming feel to the photos.

07 Italy-19

07 Italy-27

07 Italy-34


Admittedly, I was a little disappointed that the crowds in Germany were too thick to get any quality portraits with the quaint shops in the background, but fortunately, the wishing well had nobody in sight, and we were able to get some darling photos of Olivia in that location.

08 Germany-6


After another outfit change, it was time for Olivia to flash her smile around the Chinese settings of our next stop. I really loved these photos but struggled a lot with editing them because of the lighting at that time of day. I definitely plan to check out these spots earlier in the day sometime to see if the lighting is better.

09 China-7

Olivia’s colorful romper was such a good fit for the vibrant colors of the landscapes around her.

09 China-9

09 China-22

09 China-27


Several hours into our shoot, I was amazed that Olivia was still able to keep such a lovely smile on her face. It was hot, and we made sure to stay hydrated as our photo adventures took us closer to the end of the World Showcase.

We grabbed a few shots near the wooden church and then went to the back of the Norway pavilion to get the storefronts and waterfall in our photos.

10 Norway-1

10 Norway-3

10 Norway-9


Finally, we ended our journey around the World Showcase with a stop in Mexico. This is another pavilion that doesn’t inspire me very much since it is smaller and therefore has fewer spots to take photos, but we still found a few images that worked.

11 Mexico-8

11 Mexico-12

I really enjoyed being able to take Olivia’s senior portraits among all the amazing settings of the World Showcase. The theme parks and resorts that we have here in Orlando are so beautifully themed and have beautiful backdrops for a huge variety of photos. I can’t think of a better place to have a portrait session!

To view the rest of the photos in this set, please visit my Flickr album. To book me for a photo session, please contact me for details.

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