2018 Terrell Park

Last fall, I was living in Ohio for a very short stint before I moved home to Florida to start my Orlando photography endeavors. Around September, it started to get a little too cold for my comfort (I’m a Florida girl through and through!). By October, it was well beyond my comfort zone, but I had a ray of sunshine visiting me. My sister Caroline and I got to spend some time together and braved the autumn chill for some local wanders.

I’d been to Terrell Park once before during the summer but had been driven away by mosquitoes. This time, the weather was cool enough to avoid unwanted bugs, and it was a perfect opportunity to get out and stretch our legs after CJ had finished a day of homeschooling and I had finished my photo edits.

I wasn’t sure that we would find anything totally picturesque but brought my camera just in case. Immediately after arriving, I was glad that I’d thought to bring it!

Terrell Park

The evening light coming through the branches was really nice, and I got photos of Caroline’s profile illuminated by the golden light. Her usual look involves a beanie and headphones, and she had both with her on our walk.

Terrell Park

Terrell Park

Terrell Park

Soon we found a wall with a painting of Shrek(?) on it. I felt like the closer pictures of CJ against the wall were a little flat, so I ran to my car and got my tripod to create this sunburst shot.

Terrell Park

As the sun descended, we walked further into the forest to see what else we could find.

Terrell Park

We found a little structure that reminded us of Eeyore’s hut from Pooh Bear, so naturally we had to shoot some photos there.

Terrell Park

Soon we lost most of our sunlight and it started to get reeeally cold, so we headed home, satisfied with the beautiful mini-adventure we’d had together!

Terrell Park

To view the rest of the photos in this set, please visit my Flickr album. To book me for a photo session, please contact me for details.

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