2019 Morrow High School Graduation

I first met Allera and her family earlier this year at her 18th birthday party in January. It was a nice event at a Japanese grill, and I absolutely loved getting to work with the family.

Allera prom

A few months later, Allera’s grandmother called me, asking if I knew any photographers in Plant City. I didn’t, but since Plant City isn’t too far from me, I found myself making the drive over there that weekend to take prom photos.

Then last weekend, I was heading toward Atlanta to help capture another big moment in Allera’s life.

Allera graduation-77

Allera graduation-7

The event started on a hot Saturday morning with the graduation ceremony at Georgia International Convention Center near the airport. It was a wonderful ceremony full of joy and an audience full of enthusiastic and supportive family members.

Allera graduation-21

Few people measured up to Allera’s family, though, when it came to promoting their graduate’s success. It was so heartwarming to see how much her family cared for her as they cheered her on.

Allera graduation-22

Allera graduation-34

Allera graduation-66

Allera graduation-86

After the ceremony, we took pictures outside.

Allera graduation-111

Allera graduation-113

Allera graduation-123

Allera graduation-127

Allera graduation-131

Later that day, the family continued to celebrate with a banquet across town. Having gotten there early, I took photos as the decorations went up. When everybody had arrived, we spent some time doing group photos. Then I spent the rest of the time trying to catch candids throughout the meal, speeches, and gifts.

Allera graduation-139

Allera graduation-160

Allera graduation-179

Allera graduation-190

It was really special to be able to help celebrate such a big milestone in Allera’s life, and I’m so grateful to have been welcomed so warmly to all of these events with this amazing family!

To view the rest of the photos in this set, please visit my Flickr album. To book me for a photo session, please contact me for details.

1 Response

  1. Grandma Sheila

    You out did yourself. We are forever grateful on all the special memories you captured for Allera and the family in 2019.


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