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Welcome! My name is Elizabeth, but you can call me Ellie.

For several years, I put my liberal arts degree to good use as a classroom teacher, but eventually my absolute enthusiasm for photography and traveling led me to where I am now, happily snapping photos of the people and sights that surround me as I whimsically wander from place to place.

I have lived in the US, England, and Indonesia, and I have traveled to many locations within the US, Europe, and Asia. My eye is naturally drawn to scenes with magical elements, which is part of why I enjoy spending so much time in Disney parks, natural settings, and locations with rich history or mythology.

While I currently split most of my time between Florida (usually Orlando) and Ohio (usually Cincinnati), I frequently find myself on many other adventures and am always open to following whims wherever they may take me! If you would like to get in touch with me, please visit my contact page.

To view some of my recent work, you may visit my blog. Feel free to also give me a follow on Instagram, Facebook, or Flickr!

You can also view some of my favorite photos below; click on a category above the slideshow if you would like to see more of that type of photography!

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